Purchase Renters Insurance Before You Are Left With Nothing!

Out of all the apartments my Fiancé and I have had over the years, we never considered the value of renters insurance. We knew it was available to us, but never really thought we would need it. Why the extra expense, right?

Once I landed my foot in the insurance business and began to learn the benefits of renters insurance, I couldn’t believe we had ever gone without it!

Looking around our apartment, I didn’t really notice a huge value in what we owned. If there was ever a fire, we could always just get new things. What I was forgetting was how expensive it could be to replace my furniture, electronics, appliances, our clothes…everything we own! Once I started adding it up, we were talking thousands of dollars to replace. That’s when it started to make sense to purchase renters insurance to have this peace of mind for an inexpensive premium.

A lot of people think your landlord’s insurance is going to cover you, but their insurance only protects the building itself – not the tenants belongings.

Not only does renters insurance provide coverage on your contents, but also provides you with liability coverage as well. Different amounts of coverage can be purchased, and this coverage may help protect you from paying out of pocket for certain costs if you are found legally responsible for injuries to other people or damage to their property.

Renters insurance usually includes coverage for additional living expenses as well. This coverage may help pay for additional costs you incur, such as hotel bills, because you are unable to live in the home you’re renting.

Once we purchased renters insurance, I had no clue that a lot of the time it can be packaged with your auto insurance and you can receive a discount on your auto insurance as well. As I began learning the ropes of the insurance business, I’ve even seen instances where auto and renters insurance combined is cheaper than auto insurance alone. This is why I always try to suggest to our customers to allow us to quote it both ways to see all options available to them.

Renters insurance had become invaluable to me, especially after seeing the devastation fires have caused to local community members. It definitely pays for itself in the long run!

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